Virtual Classroom

How exactly does the MCP virtual classroom benefit students?

  • Powerful virtual classroom software allows for more engaging homework and classroom assignments such as discussion questions, collaborative learning projects, instructional videos, links to websites that students can explore and many more options that really engage students in the learning process
  • MCP uses a software interface based on the social networking sites that students are already comfortable with
  • Collaborative learning tools are readily accessible
  • Comments can be made on each assignment that a student turns in
  • Students can re-submit assignments with improvements based on teacher suggestions
  • Grades are up to date and available at any time
  • Absences are no longer a problem as students can sign into their class and see what they missed that day
  • Student’s individual learning styles are easily accommodated with web tools
  • Teachers can provide individualized instruction
  • With online drop boxes, there are no more lost assignments because student work is sent and stored digitally
  • Easy access to the information and tools that students need to complete assignments
  • Increased level of student engagement while supporting 21st century skills (collaboration, computer technology, communication, critical thinking)