MCP’s Integrated Student Success Plan provides students and parents with multiple layers of support to ensure that their needs are met.


Social Support

  • Community Time daily to assist with appropriate behavior and socialization
  • Peer support
  • Trained staff members available for monitoring social interactions
  • Personal coaching as needed
  • Friday Life Skills classes designed to support positive peer interaction
  • Individual behavior plans created for each student as needed
  • Social Thinking® philosophies and practices incororated into all aspects of school program

Multi-Level Support

  • Use of Love and Logic® program creates an atmosphere of mutual respect
  • Students are encouraged to take responsibility for their success
  • Emphasis is placed on encouraging students to become their own educational advocate
  • Monthly meetings: Teachers Staff Night to explore each student’s current needs, create an implementation plan if needed, as well as check-in times
  • Student Success Team, as needed, supervised by administration: teachers only, teachers/students, teachers/students/parents, as needed and can be requested by parents, teachers, students, outside student support team members and administration
  • Parent/Teacher/Student Conferences
  • Wraparound program to include the student’s psychiatrists, psychologists, and any other educational specialists
  • Teacher / Student evaluations and goal setting quarterly
  • Follow-up meetings with students regarding the teacher / student evaluations to clarify goals
  • Staff meetings every Monday morning to ensure clear and open communication between staff regarding students
  • Parent communication through email, phone and in person as needed
  • Daily feedback available to monitor any changes made during the year

Adaptive and Assistive Technology

Thanks to grants from Yahoo and The Nicholson Foundation, MCP is able to offer access to several adaptive technologies that will greatly assist your children in completing their work.

Every classroom at MCP is equipped with a set of laptop computers for students to use. Each set includes computers with Dragon Naturally Speaking® , Kurzweil® and Ghotit® loaded on to them, so that students can access them at any time during any class. There will be 5 “Dragon Dens”, quiet spaces to use the program, available to students.

Dragon Naturally Speaking® – This speech-to-text software will allow your child to dictate their ideas out loud and have them appear in a document. This software is great for all students to increase productivity and express themselves more clearly and accurately. Students with language based learning differences like dyslexia and working memory issues use Dragon to help them with writing by taking the focus off the mechanics of composition – spelling, sentence structure, etc. – so it’s easier to transfer ideas into written words.

Ghotit® – This software will take any text typed in to Microsoft word and read it back to the writer, identifying any words that are misspelled or used out of context, and using word-prediction technology to provide a selection of more appropriate words, with associated definitions and context. This is perfect for students with dyslexia, dysgraphia, and NLD.

Kurzweil® – This program will allow your child to scan any text for any class and have the computer read it aloud to them. Kurzweil will also read text from any website, and will define words that are unfamiliar, and is perfect for students who are auditory