Parent Testimonials

When searching for a school for our son, we wanted a strong academic setting that could accommodate his unique learning style, and an emotionally supportive environment that would allow him to thrive in his teenage years. We were looking for a school that would value him as an individual and recognize his strengths.

Not only could Monterey Coast Preparatory provide that academic strength, our son has been given a safe, supportive and family-like environment in which to thrive. The best gift: he has been so comfortable at school that we have a relaxed and happy son, who wants to learn and take responsibility for his own learning.

Taking the struggle out of school has been Monterey Coast Prep’s gift to our entire family.
Dwight McKee, MD, and Jillellen McKee, DO

Monterey Coast Preparatory is the best kept secret in the Bay Area. Each student receives individual attention and no one gets lost. Since classes and the school are small, there is a great sense of community in the school. Students that have special interests can create a direction that will be satisfying to them and help them qualify for college. The student body is diverse but MCP provides a flexible environment to fit each student’s desires and needs. My boy is now on the honor roll where he was struggling in his prior school.
Rene Bloch, Career Counselor

Monterey Coast Prep has been a fabulous school for my son. He gets the small class size and extra attention he needs. After school homework club has been a godsend for my child to get the extra help and time necessary to complete assignments. School is fun at MCP instead of being a chore and a drag. Traditional PE wouldn’t be fun at a regular high school for my child but IS fun at MCP. I also appreciate the community involvement required at MCP. Students learn to operate in a responsible way for each other in a supportive environment. Everyone is included and participates. Individuals are valued for their uniqueness. I recommend parents and students check out this supportive learning environment if traditional schools with large classrooms are not working for your child.
Jackie Marr, Kiss My Glass

Having your daughter or son succeed in school has always been a parent’s greatest hope, but when the public schools don’t fulfill your child’s needs, parents seek out other options. For us, Monterey Coast Preparatory, or MCP, was the shining light at the end of the tunnel!

MCP is unique, providing a secure and happy environment for gifted and talented exceptional individuals to learn and flourish in an academic setting in the way they learn best. Students are not expected to follow a cookie cutter recipe that works for everyone else but rather MCP staff cater to all types of learning styles and each student is accepted for who they are. In other schools we have tried, our son always felt like an outsider, he didn’t fit in socially or academically; however, at MCP he feels embraced by his peers and teachers. MCP provides him with an opportunity to grow and mature and take on more responsibility. He loves the small class sizes, the one on one attention he gets from his teachers and the extra help he receives in homework club to stay on task and get assignments done. School is a much happier place and our son enjoys being there!
Michelle Staedler – Research Biologist, Monterey Bay Aquarium