Schoolwide Learning Results

MCP Middle & High School’s ESLRs (expected schoolwide learning results) are our focus in class and all around school. They are the end result of providing unique, customized, & college prep educational opportunities for our students. Our ESLRs:

MCP Middle & High School students will be able to achieve individual success by being…

Critical Thinkers who identify key issues, ask vital questions, focus on and assess relevant information, and come to well-reasoned conclusions.

Lifelong Learners who use technology in order to attain digital literacy, seek new knowledge and experiences, set and adjust measurable goals, and utilize research skills.

Active Citizens who have a sense of commitment to their communities and take personal responsibility for maintaining and improving them.

Powerful Communicators who express themselves with confidence and clarity, actively listen to and respect the views of others, and interact positively with others.

Self-Actualized Young Adults whose self-esteem, earned through achievement and self-awareness, gives them courage to be accountable for their actions and self-advocate when necessary.