Admissions Checklist

Here are the steps to admission. Note that the time required for each process is determined by parent & staff availability, access to documents/testing, and school schedule.

  • Using our web form (or phone us at 831.458.9800 to give us your information) tell us about your child, with basic information about grade, needs, and any additional questions you have to start.
  • Schedule a visit to MCP Middle & High School. We offer school tours on Thursdays. RSVP is required.
  • Meet with a Director to discuss how your placement fits into MCP’s program.
  • After meeting with a Director, schedule a Student Shadow Day for your child.
  • If you and your child find us a good match for your needs, discuss any assessment testing needed, and bring all admissions documents and assessments from your current school and service providers. Discuss any transition questions, and coordinate any transition discussions needed with tutors, educational therapists, other therapists, etc.
  • With parent and student, select best start time for your child, along with class scheduling, any required entrance/placement tests, as needed.
  • Upon tuition and contract receipt, finalize all timing and planning. We welcome your child to school at the best time for them.